‘The scale of the task ahead is both unprecedented and daunting. It requires change so great that it’s hard to 85know what it will look like. And while many of us try our best to reduce our carbon footprint, it can seem like a losing battle.

‘But it isn’t. Because change starts with us.’

Neil Armstrong, chair and CEO of leading support services supplier Fastflow, main sponsor of the 2016 Awards

For the fifth year running, the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards are spotlighting companies at the forefront of environmental change.

We’ve received 44 astonishingly powerful films demonstrating corporate and institutional sustainability. Innovation, creativity, commitment, determination –  these words sum up the spirit of the corporate entrants to the 2016 Awards.

Through practical action and the courage to take risks, companies demonstrate how they are putting sustainability at the heart of business strategy. They show how driving sustainability both benefits communities and their bottom line.

For information about the 2017 Awards, contact Rollo Gordon at rollo.gordon@tve.org


‘Increasing numbers of companies see how urgent it is to align profit-making with securing fundamental planetary assets – water, soils, forests and oceans. It’s this corporate approach that can help save our planet.’

Camilla Toulmin, chair of tve

tve’s mission to inspire change

tve works with filmmakers and partners worldwide to make and distribute films that put the environment and sustainability on the global agenda. From aspiring filmakers documenting stories about the environment to major corporations showcasing innovation, we help to give a voice and a platform to a new generation of filmmakers who want to see a greener and fairer world.

The tve Global Sustainability Film Awards encourage companies large and small to showcase through their own films, pioneering innovations and their impact on the world, their workforce, their communities and the environment. Fees from film entrants help support tve‘s work to inspire change worldwide through film.

‘tve 119and all related organisation’s colleagues and supporters are better aided to promote and transmit a clearer understanding of what sustainability is all about and how immense a subject it is, as well as increasing the message’s reach to as large an audience as possible. The purpose of highlighting sustainability, in all its various guises and interpretations, by utilising media skills, allows the story to be more understood and not discounted.’

Oliver Rothschild, non executive director, Fastflow Group

All Images from the 2016 tve Global Sustainability Film Award in association with Fastflow Group are taken by David J Prior. https://www.davidjprior.com/london-event-photographer/