Judges’ comments on the 2017 winners

Neste wins Reshaping the Economy

In the tveGSFA Reshaping the Economy category sponsored by Choice International Ltd, the winner was Neste for ‘Everybody dies, but not everybody lives‘, and Highly Commended was World Animal Protection, for ‘Ghost Gear‘.

‘Our judging panel felt that Neste’s film, ‘Everybody dies, but not everybody lives’, was incredibly impactful, with their powerful narrator, Prince Ea, offering an inspiring and refreshing perspective on the power we all have to make profound change, a message with the ability to galvanise people globally, as demonstrated by the impressive 180 million views of YouTube. The strength of the message, as well as its global impact led the judges to choose Neste’s film as the 2017 Winner in the ‘Reshaping the Economy’ category.’ – Victoria Brooks, sustainability communications consultant, coordinator of the shortlisting panels and a member of the judging panel for the Reshaping the Economy Award, sponsored by Choice International Ltd.

Nick Nuttall, director of communications at UN Climate Change and chair of the judges, said: ‘The film captured the aspiration of a world in search of a better future, the need for everyone to stand up and act – it is a credit to Neste that it had the courage to go beyond the usual corporate style. In choosing this actor and this monologue, Neste signalled it had a transformational vision of its role as a business and was determined to take a very different and ever more sustainable path now and in the years and decades to come’.

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives


Co-op Group wins Transforming Society Award

In the tveGSFA Transforming Society category in partnership with Grace Bian, chair of China International Culture Stock Exchange, the winner was Co-op Group, for ‘Great Things Happen When We Work Together‘, and Highly Commended was P&G, for ‘Meet Bechibila‘.

Nick Nuttall, director of communications at UN Climate Change and chair of the jury, said: ‘I have a soft spot for the Co-op; one can trace its roots to my home town of Rochdale in the North of England when mechanization was making skilled workers redundant and families were starving. It is still serving communities and deploying innovative financing models like Fairtrade which can, like this uplifting film shows, transform the social and sustainability opportunities of an agricultural community in Latin America’.

‘Recently there have been some querying of the value of Fairtrade: the judges wanted to affirm their support for this social movement that links consumers in developed countries with the farmers of the global South. There is always opportunity for improvement and other players in this space, but we felt the quality of the film, the authenticity of the people interviewed and the impact of the Co-op Group and Fairtrade deserved the top award in this category in 2017’, he said.

Great Things Happen When We Work Together


Selfridges wins Protecting the Environment Award

In the tveGSFA Protecting the Environment category, the winner was Selfridges for ‘Material World‘, and Highly Commended was Good Energy, for ‘The Butterfly Thief by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner‘.

Nick Nuttall, director of communications at UN Climate Change and chair of the jury said: ‘When it comes to connecting people’s everyday lives with sustainability, there can be few more powerful—but so often overlooked- areas than clothes and fashion. Selfridges animated cartoon hit the right tone—not preachy but cool, witty, full of information, linking supply chains and consumers and beautifully, cute, engagingly, designed: the jury loved it and it was an outstanding winner. We want the film to encourage other retailers and fashion houses to do more in this area to raise awareness and catalyse better choices’.

Material World


C40 Cities and Citi Foundation win Judges’ Special Mention Award

The winner of the tveGSFA Judges’ Special Mention Award was C40 Cities and Citi Foundation for ‘We Live Here Together‘.

Nick Nuttall, director of communications at UN Climate Change and chair of the jury said: ‘This special award for C40 and Citi Foundation was in recognition of the growing, global phenomenon of cities, states, regions and territories acting to address climate change in a myriad of positive ways that are proving to be among the crucial keys that may open the future we want’.

‘Without sub-national authorities supporting governments and aligning with business, investors, the United Nations and civil society the Paris Agreement of 2015 would not have happened: without mayors and city leaders, the chances of reaching the Agreement’s goals will be tough, some may say impossible’.

We Live Here Together


‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ wins the Founder’s Award for Sustainability on the Big Screen

The winner of the tveGSFA Founder’s Award for Sustainability on the Big Screen was ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’, produced by Prakash Jha and directed by Alankrita Shrivastava. Gender equality is the focus of this year’s inaugural winning film; a story of women striving for more autonomy and freedom. Set in India, the judges said the film raises important issues about gender equality and women’s selfhood.

The remarkable filmmakers fought through censorship and adversity to get the film a wide release, generate considerable revenue, and make a profound social impact, whilst making its audience laugh, laugh some more, and then think.

Lipstick Under My Burkha


Sky News wins the Press Association Award for Environmental Storytelling

The winner of the inaugural tveGSFA Press Association Award for Environmental Storytelling was Sky News for ‘A Plastic Whale’. The documentary highlighted the devastating effects of plastic on ocean wildlife, after a post-mortem of a Cuvier’s beaked whale confirmed its intestines were entirely clogged with plastic.

The judges felt that this was an extraordinarily powerful documentary that shocked and inspired in equal measure. The depressing reality of the state of our oceans was balanced by a clear message that everyone can make a difference in helping our environment. Engaging, well-researched, and underpinned by in-depth interviews with passionate people, this was without question the standout nomination and is a huge credit to the team at Sky.

A Plastic Whale