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Financial services innovator Choice International Ltd sponsors the Reshaping the Economy award

London-based financial services company Choice International Ltd is sponsoring the Reshaping the Economy category at this year’s tve Global Sustainability Film Awards in association with Fastflow Group. The Choice award will be presented at BAFTA on Monday 27 November.

‘Finding innovative solutions to social and environmental problems is the major challenge facing all of us today,’ says Luis Koberg, principal of the financial services provider.

’At Choice International Ltd we are always looking for new ways to have a positive impact, so we’re proud to help tve highlight the ways in which forward-thinking companies are leading the way to sustainability.’

‘We’re delighted that Choice International Ltd has chosen to partner with us this year,’ says tve executive director Cheryl Campbell. ‘We welcome their enthusiasm for the power of film to inspire change.’

Choice International Ltd is a Financial Conduct Authority-regulated provider of financial infrastructure services to banking and non-banking institutions in the UK, EU and developing world. Founded in 2004, the company is a specialist provider of vital services for small- and medium-sized businesses who have no access to traditional banking services.

‘Small and medium sized financial services companies now find it hard to access facilities from major banks since the advent of “de-risking”, or wholesale avoidance of risk rather than management of risk by leading banks. I’m proud that Choice’s client companies are able, as a result of our services, to continue to provide money remittance and foreign-exchange services which directly benefit over three million migrant workers and their overseas families, delivering those services at low cost,’ says Mr Koberg. ‘We believe that responsible companies should do all they can to empower such enterprises, in both the developed and the developing worlds, and at the same time aid them to become fully compliant.’