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How to enter

Entry Form

Step 1

 Requirements for your film 

All films must:

  • Meet the deadline for submissions: Friday 29 September 2017
  • Be an original and creative production by or about your company or institution (although you don’t have to make it just for this competition; if you’ve got a great film already, enter it!)
  • Run a maximum of ten minutes
  • Be made in English (subtitles and dubbing are fine)
  • Have been made between August 2014 and the date of entry
  • Be accompanied by a 200-word or less supporting statement showing how your film meets our criteria (see below)
  • Fit into one of three competition categories: Transforming society; Protecting the environment; or Reshaping the economy
  • Meet our terms and conditions of entry (see below).

Films should also meet our criteria (which are used by our shortlisting and judging panels).

  1. ENGAGING   Does the film hold the audience’s attention and make the most of the medium’s potential?  Does it deliver the story in a way that emotionally or intellectually engages the audience?
  2. INSPIRING  Does the film tell its story in a way that inspires the viewer to think, feel or act differently?
  3. CREDIBLE  Are the sustainability activities portrayed in your film demonstrating best practice in your industry?

Step 2

Choose your category 

Transforming Society

From tackling girls’ illiteracy to achieving zero hunger, which of the key SDGs is your company contributing to? Within this category, you can choose between different aspects of transforming society.

Protecting the Environment

Business is central to meeting the UN’s most important environmental goals. Show us how your company is taking action for example on the climate, on clean water, and in providing clean energy.

Reshaping the Economy

In a world of contrasts, from sharp inequality to stunning innovation, the economy of the future is a key question. What’s your business model, and how does your company’s work or investment contribute to reshaping the economy?

Step 3

Enter the competition on our website (your film can be entered later)

Then, make a payment

For companies with a global staff in excess of 5,000 employees:

  • To enter one film: £800
  • To enter one film plus two tickets for the Awards ceremony and gala dinner: £1,240.
  • For each additional film entered, £200 per film.

For companies with a global staff of between 1,000 and  5,000 employees:

  • To enter one film: £300.
  • To enter one film plus two tickets for the Awards ceremony and gala dinner: £840.
  • For each additional film entered £100 per film.

For companies with a global staff less than 1,000 employees:

  • To enter one film: £50
  • To enter one film plus two tickets for the awards ceremony and gala dinner: £490
  • For each additional film entered £25 per film.

Ways of Paying:

  • Make a cheque payable to “Television for the Environment” and post to: The tve Global Sustainability Film Awards team, tve, 292 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, London SW1V 1AE
  • I am paying via BACS. Email awardsteam@tve.org.uk and we will send you the bank details.
  • I am paying via credit card. Please use the following link: mydonate.bt.com/charities/tve

When you have paid please make sure you email awardsteam@tve.org.uk and confirm the amount, date and time your payment was made.

Step 4

Enter your film!

Send us your film any time before the deadline, Friday, 29 September.

And, by email, send us your supporting statement of around 200 words.

If your film is larger than 2 gigabytes, please compress.

To send your films to tve, please use WeTransfer.com

  • Click on the + sign and add the files you want to send
  • Type in the email address you’re sending the files to, awardsteam@tve.org.uk
  • Now type in your own email address
  • Use the message box for your 200 word statement if you wish
  • Then simply hit the transfer button and you’re done. (It’s simple, secure and free of charge)

All film entries must be submitted in one of the following formats: mov, mp4 or wmv at a resolution of 1280 x 720.


Step 5

What happens next?

  1. Live on YouTube   We upload all films entered in our 2017 competition onto the tve YouTube page in category playlists for the public to view. We’ll be spreading the word.
  2. Shortlisting  Shortlisting for each of the three Awards categories takes place on Monday, 9 October 2017.
  3. And the winners are…  Our prestigious panel of communications and sustainability experts then makes the final determination on Friday 20 October. The winners and runners-up will be announced at our glittering awards ceremony and gala dinner at BAFTA, central London, on Monday 27 November 2017.


– Transforming Society award

Increasingly, businesses invest in social development projects not only as a part of their philanthropy agenda, but as a core business practice that is integral to their success.  The introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals increase the pressure on global business to lead the way on social innovation and development programmes.

Businesses have the potential to contribute immensely to the eradication of poverty, the fight to end hunger globally, the promotion of good health & wellbeing, the provision of quality education and the achievement of equality amongst cultures, classes and gender.

Films in this category will demonstrate how your organisation’s work or investment contributes to the achievement of one or more of these Sustainable Development Goals:

  • No poverty
  • Zero hunger
  • Good health & wellbeing
  • Quality education
  • Gender equality

– Protecting the Environment award

2016 marks a watershed moment for the environmental movement. With the COP21 Paris Summit resulting in 195 countries agreeing on a path to climate action, the hard work starts now for businesses around the world  as they innovate and push for change to deliver on these targets: reducing carbon emissions, protecting life on land and below water, developing clean energy solutions and delivering pure water and sanitation for global communities.

Films in this category will demonstrate how your organisation’s work or investment contributes to one or more of these Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Climate action
  • Life below water
  • Life on land
  • Clean water & sanitation
  • Affordable & clean energy for all

– Reshaping the Economy award

The Sustainable Development Goals and the COP21 agreement both pose challenges to industry to help accelerate change, be it via innovation, improving existing systems or direct investment. There is an urgency for businesses to shape the future economy so that the best interests of people and the planet are integral to new economic models.

There is a need for sustainable industrialisation, a resilient infrastructure and innovative methods to provide decent work for all, responsible production and consumption – in order to deliver on both the social and environmental goals set  out.  The creation of sustainable cities and communities relies on innovative economic and industrial changes.

Films in this category will demonstrate how your organisation’s work or investment contributes to one or more of these Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Decent work & economic growth
  • Industry, innovation & infrastructures
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Sustainable cities & communities
  • Responsible consumption & production

N.B. Films in this category could feature a range of topics including: innovations in supply chain, investment in emerging economies, new employment models for developing markets, the creation of sustainable city infrastructure and tools to help communities consume more responsibly.


Terms and conditions

1.    General

  1. All films entered into the competition must be owned by the company entering the film and must not infringe the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity, or otherwise be unlawful.
  2. tve has overall discretion in determining whether to publish, screen or broadcast any material.
  3. tve has the right in its absolute discretion to refuse to publish, screen or broadcast any submitted material.
  4. tve is entitled without liability to you to cancel the competition and/or to make reasonable adjustments to the competition rules at any time.

2.    Competition participation

  1. This competition is open to any company or organisation in any country. The competition aims to encourage companies and organisations to share sustainability initiatives with a wider audience through the power of film, and inspire change towards a greener, fairer world.
  2. Films must be entered into one of the categories set out on the Awards website, and deadlines for entry and submission of films and entry fees must be met.
  3. Films must be no longer than ten minutes in duration.
  4. Only films entered via the website, and where the entry fee has been paid, will be considered by the shortlisting panel judges.
  5. Entries can only be submitted in English (films subtitled into English, or dubbed into English will be accepted).
  6. It is tve‘s intention to upload all films submitted.
  7. Excerpts from the films that win and the runners-up may be screened during the Awards ceremony.

3.    Entries

  1. By entering into this competition, you hereby release and agree to hold harmless tve and its respective affiliates, subsidiaries, assigns, agents, representatives, independent contractors, officers, employees, directors, and the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards 2017 judging panel and shortlisting panel from and against any and all claims, liabilities, costs, damages and expenses of any kind arising out of or relating to your entry to the competition, your use or acceptance of any prize, or the use by tve of any films submitted by you.
  2. By entering the Awards, you grant to tve, our licensees and affiliates a worldwide royalty-free, non-exclusive right to record, edit, use, reproduce, screen and distribute, in association with the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards, in the following media: film, television, online, electronic or by any other means currently known or yet to be devised, the film you enter in the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards 2017. Such right will be limited to use in connection with the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards (either in 2017 or in the future).

4.    Judging process

  1. Independent panels will draw up a shortlist for each category.
  2. The shortlisting panel’s decisions are final and conclusive, and no further discussion will be entered into.
  3. An independent judging panel will select the winners and runners-up in each category.
  4. The judging panel’s decision is final and conclusive, and no further discussion will be entered into.

5.    Law and disputes

  1. The competition is governed by and subject to the laws of England and Wales. The decisions of tve are final and binding in all discretionary matters relating to this competition.