UN Sustainable Development Goals

The tve Global Sustainability Film Awards 2017 in association with Fastflow Group feature the UN’s sustainable development goals. We set your company the challenge of showing how you are contributing to these vital global aims.

Each of the film categories is based on a different sustainability goal. Just choose your category, and away you go.

‘End poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change.’ These are the words of the UN about its new goals. Ambitious? Yes. Achievable? Also yes.

Just as the UN’s last major set of goals, the millennium development goals, were largely reached through the combined efforts of governments, NGOs, companies and ordinary people, so we can also make major advances in reducing poverty, inequality and environmental destruction with the new sustainable development goals.


Enter your film in one of these three broad categories:

* Transforming society
*  Protecting the environment
*  Reshaping the economy

Within each category, you can pick your film’s topic.

The UN lists 17 different sustainable development goals. Choose which topic to highlight under each of the three main goals. As you can see from last year’s stunning entries, companies from Adidas to L’Oreal, HSBC to Good Energy, and the EBRD to Honest Tea tackled topics from food-powered buses to cities to ethical trainers.  Be creative, think laterally – tell us how your company is building a sustainable future.

A little more detail

Want to know more? Here’s what you need to know about each category, plus links to some of our 2015 and 2016 film entries under those categories.

Transforming society award

Increasingly, businesses invest in social development projects not only as a part of their philanthropy agenda, but as a core business practice that is integral to their success.  The introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals increase the pressure on global business to lead the way on social innovation and development programmes.

Businesses have the potential to contribute immensely to the eradication of poverty, the fight to end hunger globally, the promotion of good health and wellbeing, the provision of quality education and the achievement of equality amongst cultures, classes and gender.

Films in this category will demonstrate how your organisation’s work or investment contributes to the achievement of one or more of these Sustainable Development Goals:

No poverty
Zero hunger
Good health and wellbeing
Quality education
Gender equality

Protecting the environment award

2016 marks a watershed moment for the environmental movement. With the COP21 Paris Summit resulting in 195 countries agreeing on a path to climate action, the hard work starts now for businesses around the world  as they innovate and push for change to deliver on these targets: reducing carbon emissions, protecting life on land and below water, developing clean energy solutions and delivering pure water and sanitation for global communities.

Films in this category will demonstrate how your organisation’s work or investment contributes to one or more of these Sustainable Development Goals:

Climate action
Life below water
Life on land
Clean water and sanitation
Affordable and clean energy for all

Reshaping the economy award

The Sustainable Development Goals and the COP21 agreement both pose challenges to industry to help accelerate change, be it via innovation, improving existing systems or direct investment. There is an urgency for businesses to shape the future economy so that the best interests of people and the planet are integral to new economic models.

There is a need for sustainable industrialisation, a resilient infrastructure and innovative methods to provide decent work for all, responsible production and consumption – in order to deliver on both the social and environmental goals set  out.  The creation of sustainable cities and communities relies on innovative economic and industrial changes.

Films in this category will demonstrate how your organisation’s work or investment contributes to one or more of these Sustainable Development Goals:

Decent work and economic growth
Industry, innovation and infrastructures
Reduced inequalities
Sustainable cities and communities
Responsible consumption and production

Films in this category could feature a range of topics including: innovations in supply chain, investment in emerging economies, new employment models for developing markets, the creation of sustainable city infrastructure and tools to help communities consume more responsibly.