This year’s tve Global Sustainability Film Awards president, David Morley,  is an influential global business leader. As global senior partner at Allen & Overy LLP, he pioneered new business models and made it one of the City’s most international law firms. Under his leadership, revenue nearly doubled and profits grew 133%.  Listed as one of the UK’s ten most influential lawyers and a winner of Financial Times and other awards, David has 25 years of experience in the City of London at the highest level. He is now chair of Elaghmore private equity fund and a consultant on strategy, organisation and management.

He founded Prime (, a group of law firms committed to opening up the profession to people of all backgrounds. ‘So much talent is wasted because channels to top jobs are not open to all,’ he says. His founding and chairmanship of Prime followed his experience at Allen & Overy, where he set up Smart Start Experience to bring in around a hundred teens from less privileged schools to work every year.

He takes up the presidency of the tve Global Sustainability Film Awards because he’s convinced that film, especially short film, can have a tremendous impact on corporate as well as social attitudes.  ‘We’re not interested in pink and fluffy,’ he says. ‘What we want is seriously to consider true corporate sustainability, in terms of customers, the environment and the community. We want filmmakers to challenge existing ideas and preconceptions of what sustainability mean for business.’